Arquitectura econológica
May 22, 2023

We have been working for a while on a series of projects that have aligned innovative concepts for architecture design that is conscious  of the environment and cultural relations. By collecting all this concepts we created a new concept that describes it: Econologic Architecture or in spanish Arquitectura Econológica. This word is a composition of three words:

Economic: this means that could be done in projects with small budget, also related to the respect of the home needs of the world and the relation that the projects have with the local economy.

Ecologic: that has conscious of the environment impact that the project is creating.

Logic: that the projects tend to be rational.

Here are some of the concepts that we are using to develop this kind of architecture:


  • Local hand work. This reduces the cost of the project and benefits the local economy.
  • Local materials. This reduces the cost of the project and benefits the local economy too.
  • Local methods that can be done in big or small projects. This means that a project of many square meters could have the same finishes or even look than a small project. This promotes the development of an common architecture for a community as Nosara that has so much socio-economics differences. For instance we have seen that some of the architectural elements designed by Salagnac Architects have been now used in other local projects not designed by us, this means that the builders or other designer have value our input.
  • Less decorative elements and more functional thinking.


  • The use of bioclimatic methods to create comfort on our buildings.
  • Use more wood, this is a very long discussion with some ecologist that think that using wood is not ecologic, this may be for another blog! We have done research that prove how the use of plantation wood is recovering the forest coverage around the world. Salagnac Architects have never promoted the use of any spice that is protected by the Costarrican Enviromental Departments, our recommendation for all our clients is to use plantation woods.
  • Projects that use less water and less energy.
  • Use of materials that creates less pollution.