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    Thanks for visiting Salagnac Architects website. We are an architecture company based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica founded by Lucca Spendlingwimmer and Evangelina Quesada, both experienced architects who have develop a Contemporary Tropical Style that unify nature, climate and human comfort. Salagnac homes, hotels and commercial buildings continuously innovate in the use of the local materials, the integration of interior and exterior living, and unify the cultural traditions with the new generation ideas. Salagnac Projects are bright, ventilated, interesting, challenging and unique.

    Evangelina and Lucca have passion for the tropical living and together with their team are constantly developing bioclimatic strategies to improve the projects efficiency and construction methods.

    The construction inspections of the architects, electric, structural and mechanical engineers that collaborate with us, assure the quality and responsibility that you need for your investments during your projects contruction. The attention to details and continuos site visits assure a clear and constant communication with you and the builders.

    Evangelina Quesada and Lucca Spendlingwimmer, architects trained and graduated in Costa Rica, founded Salagnac Architects in Nosara in 2006 with the intention of supporting construction projects that develop and contribute to the evolution of Contemporary Tropical Architecture.

For Salagnac Architects, Contemporary Tropical Architecture promotes the maximum integration of the building and the environment, in order to diminish the impact it causes on nature. In this type of architecture, human comfort can be accomplished by means of efficient energy consumption systems, bioclimatic design strategies and advanced technology. This innovative architecture integrates, in a creative way, the environment, technology and aesthetics.

Salagnac Architects offers its clients a personalized and exclusive service. Each project is unique and inimitable, carefully developed from architectonic analysis and research.

The constant search for alternative construction materials and systems allows Salagnac Architects to develop projects with a high level of design and spatial quality.


We understand the importance of giving our clients all the tools and support to get their more envisions dreams become and that is the reason why we keep developing our range of services in relation to planning, developing and best function of the construction projects..

Draft Design

A  Bioclimatic study is done for every of our draft designs, this is a detailed analysis of the environmental components of the property where the project will be located. This information is later used to make our projects more adapted to the climate and environmentally friendly.

A 3D presentation will be done to present to our clients the design and project concept.

Blue Prints and Construction Permits

A complete set of plans to be approved for construction permits must include a site location, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans. Each set of plans comes with a documentation of specifications, depending on the complexity of the project.

The construction permits depend on the type and size of each individual project.Our services include obtaining the required permits.

Construction Inspections

We provide technical supervision during construction time. We review methods as well as material quality and guide the contractor on the overall understanding of the project. To keep our clients up to date on the process and progress, we provide them with weekly reports. The weekly report includes the work pending list for everything and everyone involved in the process.

Interior Design

Furnishing, moving in to a new house or remodeling an old space is always a great experience and challenge. We help our clients on defining a style that meats their needs and taste, we also assist on the finding, transporting and installing all defined elements.


Contemporary Tropical Architecture

Nosara, Santa Teresa, Tamarindo

Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

10 years

10 años